Happy times!

Hey! To anyone paying attention to this rickety old site, we have great news to relay to you! Our second EP entitled “New Lows To Bear Upon A Barren Heart” will be released by a great independent label from NJ, Baldy Longhair Records (www.baldylonghair.com)!

At this point, we’re looking at an April release date. We’ll be posting artwork, lyrics and all that fun stuff as time passes. This EP surpasses our first record in nearly every way possible. It features great guests such as Christian from Gatherer and Dan from Ides, two great NJ hardcore bands. Speaking of, our tracks for the Ides split are completed as well! So we have plenty of things for you to hype up on the internet with some bullshit quotes before you move on to the next band you love!

Get your tape decks ready (okay, there’s digital downloads too. Not familiar with the purity of obscurity? Geez.)!

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The brink of completion

So we’ve wrapped up tracking for our new yet-to-be-announced-title-but-I-assure-you-we-have-a-title, EP. Our buddy Christian, from NJ hardcore band Gatherer, stopped by to do some guest vocals on one of the tracks. Everything sounds great so far and we couldn’t be happier with all the efforts from North End studio to make it happen.

This week, we are heading back into the studio to lay down some quick tracks for the Ides split. Hopefully, all will be done by week’s end.

For now, enjoy this picture of myself conducting some nice gang vocals for the opening track, “Harvest”.


P.S. punk fingers are crust.

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General update

So we haven’t posted on here since February! Pretty scary to think about that since we were churning out blog posts on a semi-regular basis when we began this project over a year ago. Since our last post we have finally begun our second release this past November. It is quite the sonic departure from our first effort as a “band” ( See here: http://inertiamovement.bandcamp.com/) . Our friends at North End studios have done a fantastic job with helping us bring our music into reality. So as they year closes in, we are wrapping up our recording session as well this coming week.

In short notice news, we’ve also begun to write/work on a split with another NJ hardcore/power-violence type band called Ides. They are friends of ours and we’re more than certain that the split will be something for all to enjoy.

In the coming week, we will give some more details on the release of our record as well as the split with Ides. Good surprises for all! See you soon.

P.S. Here’s a nice photo of Ryan and I at North End Studios. Enjoy.


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“When the Revolution stops taking you places, take the Revolution somewhere new.”

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the lapse of posts from us. We’ve all recently gone back to school among a myriad of other poor excuses for not updating the blog with anything interesting. Regardless! Ryan and I have begun writing new material for our next release. We’re hoping to have it (tentatively) done by the beginning of Summer 2012. We’re also aiming to have a full band line up by then (even more tentatively). So perhaps you will even be able to catch us live in the upcoming months. All is in the beginning stages though and nothing is ever certain in the world of music.

However, to get back into the swing of updating the blog I came upon this article on Tom Gabel’s twitter account and found it to be interesting. The article isn’t meant to push the blame on anyone or belittle anyone’s attempts at the beginnings of social change. However, my hope is that it will enlighten some on the reality of some so-called “individual”, “free” thinkers.



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Human Rights (and the Right to Know)

There’s not too much left to say about this violation of human rights that hasn’t already been said in the punk community.  The general background story goes as such:
Dozens of young men and women have been detained for being “punk” and disturbing the peace in Aceh, Indonesia’s most devoutly Muslim province. They are being held in a remedial school, where they are undergoing “re-education”. The 64 punks, many of whom are from as far away as Bali or Jakarta, were picked up on Saturday night during a local [Charity] concert  [for orphans]. Mr Leo stressed that no-one had been charged with any crime, and there were no plans to do so. They have now been taken to a remedial school in the Seulawah Hills, about 60km (37 miles) away from the provincial capital Banda Aceh. “They will undergo a re-education so their morals will match those of other Acehnese people,” says Mr Leo. “The presence of the punk community is disturbing, and disrupts the life of the Banda Aceh public,” Illiza told the Jakarta Globe. “Their morals are wrong. Men and women gather together, and that is against Islamic Shariah,” she said. She guessed that the number of punks in the town was around 200. “How are we supposed to support ourselves now that we’ve been brought here?” Illiza, who claimed she has the support of the public, said the police would continue to hunt for punks in Banda Aceh. “We will keep conducting raids until they’re all caught, then we’ll bring them for reeducation here.”
“Aceh is a Shariah region,” Illiza added. “Everyone should obey it and the punk community is clearly against Shariah.” “This training will be an example in Indonesia of the reeducation of the punks.”

I have seen this petition floating around various punk rock message forums and have been surprised at some of the comments I have seen regarding the events. There were the obvious and largely expected “Fuck the Police” sentiments from countless commenters but I also saw some eyebrow-raising comments as well about Sharia Law. I believe that America, especially post 9/11 America, has a very crooked vision of anything remotely considered “Middle-Eastern”, “Muslim”, “Islamic” or etc. I am under the impression that various people (yes, even in the punk community) have the idea that the extremity of this religious code is followed by all who practice it. To say this would be over-generalizing an entire religion and everyone who follows it.
While this is event is extremely outrageous and a violation of human rights, I believe it’s important to know that the real people to blame are the individual members of the Aceh police force and local government.
I believe as individuals and the (supposed) active supporters of progressive and logical thought, we must clear away any pre-concevied and unfounded notions of the mysteries of the Middle-Eastern world. To put it all in context for you, believing that all followers of Shariah Law are violent, militant oppressors of human rights would be incorrect. With all religions and the multitude of its followers, there are various individual interpretations to it. This would essentially be the same as all people of the Muslim world believing all Baptists in America to be the type of belonging to The Westboro Baptist Church. Or believing all Satanists to be of the stereotypical, animal-sacrificing, black mass type. Believing everyone of a certain religion to act in such a sterotypical manner is an insult to your own intelligence as well as all others who believe you.
I’d recommend anyone signing this petition and sharing it with as many audiences as possible. This event isn’t about being punk rock or whatever other title you may hold. It’s about being a human being. You could exchange “punk rock” within the context of this event and should feel just as angry about it. Perhaps they were targeted for being gay, a woman, a certain nationality, anything. If you don’t feel any sympathy for these 64 human beings, I would suggest putting yourself in their shoes. I can only imagine the sympathy you’d be begging for during your “re-education”.

Sign the petition and share.



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Opening Statement:

“The purpose of Inertia. is to exist outside the confines of a conventional band of musicians. Our goal is to bridge awareness between biased opinions of opposing extremist view points and begin legitimate communication between members of diverse doctrines of thought and belief systems. With this collection of songs we aim to create the foundation for our communication and hope that they will help provoke new ideas to be shared and developed by no other influence outside of yourself. It is more important to us that your conclusions are drawn through your own thought processes rather than blindly adopting ideas and slogans that have been repeated time and time again.
We do not claim to have the answers regarding the topics in our lyrical content. We hope that with your participation and passion we could arrive at realistic and tangible solutions for change. The dilemmas of our society are no longer drawn in black and white, so why should our solutions still be? Awareness should be nurtured and raised if there is any hope for our progression.”

We are hoping to have this site up and running soon with discussion and content for everyone to share and voice their opinions.

Yes, we are a “band” but our aim is to have an actual connection and understanding of everyone who is willing to be an active voice with us. Please enjoy our first EP “Peace.Awareness.Action” for free download on http://inertiamovement.bandcamp.com/

Please be patient as content and new music is in the works. Thank You.


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The Power of Persistence and Presence

As the whole “Occupy” movement has been relevant in the world of activism in major cities across America lately, I would like to bring this to your attention if you haven’t seen it already. It is a good comprehensive clip of the recent UC Davis scene, one of many instances of the past few months bringing this sort of brutality to light:

When protesters demand the resignation of the members of a staff (re: UC Davis, Lt. John Pike, Chancellor Linda Katehi) for one small second we are shown what it’s like to actually put power in the hands of the people. As reputations can’t be restored in instances like these, the officers will most likely comply or feel pressure from their employers to adhere to the people’s demands. This is what it is like to put power in the hands of the people; a right we are promised but apparently must kick, scream, assemble and suffer to achieve.
If the occupy movement is making progress in anything, it is in that, as well as bringing police brutality to an unprecedentedly large audience.

Some food for thought: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/nov/25/shocking-truth-about-crackdown-occupy?fb=optOut

In this video it becomes clear why Mayor Mike Bloomberg had demanded a media blackout on the eviction of protestors from Zuccotti Park.


In this final video, we are seeing the true power of peaceful protest and the foundation of potential government reform in the U.S.

We encourage your responses/discussion on the OWS movement and all relating content.

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